FlowViewer Excercises

FlowViewer, FlowGrapher, and FlowTracker are tools that provide an easy web-based user interface for selecting, viewing, graphing, and now tracking NetFlow data stored using Mark Fullmer’s flow-tools (new fork) software. The user is able to filter data (inclusion or exclusion) by device, IP address range, port, router interface, autonomous system (AS), specified time interval, protocols, TOS field, TCP flags, and now Exporter, and Next Hop. Many of the flow-tools reports are configured as drop-down selections. Users are also able to save reports and graphs for later viewing, as well as track filtered data over the long run. FlowViewer, FlowGrapher, and FlowTracker make flow data analysis and tracking quick and easy.

The FlowViewer package includes several files. The FlowViewer, FlowGrapher, and FlowTracker scripts and accompanying files are all within the FlowViewer download file. A configuration file is quickly configured and FlowViewer is almost immediately put into operation. FlowGrapher will require the installation of Lincoln Stein’s GD, and Martien Verbruggen’s (now Benjamin Warfield’s) GD::Graph packages for Perl. FlowTracker will require installation of Tobi Oetiker’s RRDtool package.

Many thanks to FlowViewer v1 and v2 users who have contributed ideas, with a special thanks to Wojciech Kozicki whose suggestion doubled the FlowViewer processing speed, and Mark Foster, Ed Ravin and others for contributions to v3. Many thanks to Carles Kishimoto, Eric Lautenschlaeger, and Sean Cardus for their ideas and code contributions to v3.3. Thanks to Dario La Guardia for pointing out a graphing problem that turned out to be a rounding error in FlowGrapher. Credit to Peter Hoffswell for the idea of linking the tools. :-).

Contact   Joe Loiacono   if you have problems with download, installation, configuration, or operation. Or, check the FAQ


Download latihan installasi FlowViewer pada freebsd


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